Synergistic Weight Management

Applying the Synergistic Approach to Weight Management

Synergistic weight management is a multi-faceted approach to weight management and control. The goal is to bring an individuals weight into a healthy range while feeling good doing it!


Do diets work? The answer is a qualified NO! On average, most people who diet rebound to their original weight. That said, diets can work for some people. Usually that's because the individual has assumed a commitment to good nutrition and smart eating practices. It becomes a personal educational process. In any case, anyone who is interested in bringing weight into a healthy range should consider a diet of proper nutrition. This does not mean eating like a rabbit! Your diet should be an enjoyable, sustainable part of your everyday life. But even that for many might not be enough.


You may already know Synergistic Health Centers for age management. One of the benefits of age management systems is quite often a weight loss when an individual's hormone levels are brought back to the proper ranges. This is done through the use of bioidenticle hormones therapy. Not only does your weight fall into a healthier range, but overall well-being, attitude and libido are returned to their youthful levels too. Simple tests can be run (blood or saliva) to determine if hormone levels could be affecting your ability to lose weight.


There are prescription weight loss solutions that are also effective. However, without a synergistic approach, weight loss via prescription is never the primary means recommended to lose weight. Our goal is to get our clients on an active program with sound nutritional management before we consider prescribing drugs. Taking prescription drugs like Phentermine or Qsymia have their place in a synergistic approach and are a valueable asset to the weight loss progams of select individuals. It's never the first option.

In fact! Three new weight loss medications have been approved for long term assistance in weight loss and weight loss maintenance over the last year. This means there is no three month limit as was the case in the past in Ohio for medications to control your appetite!


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Please note: Weight loss results vary individual to individual.