Weight Loss
 Address the causes of weight gain, quit beating yourself up and get your life back.
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Age and Vitality
Stop silent diseases before they strike. It's all about looking great and feeling great!
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Hormone Therapy
Hormone levels begin to decline at age 35. Stop the decline & maintain your vitality. 
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Synergistic Health

Dr. John Moore, of Synergistic Health Centers in Dayton, Ohio is a Cenegenics certified physician. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy works for both men and women. It will help you turn the clock back. You will look and feel younger. With the guidance of our Synergistic Health physicians, you will follow a scientific approach that measures your overall physical health including your hormone levels. This information may uncover precursors to various types of cancer, heart disease, prostate health, and diabetes. Many conditions related to these issues can often be abated and reversed.

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Poor Man’s Age Management Program

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Please note: Weight loss results vary individual to individual.