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Milk News That'll Shake You Up

Posted on 9/23/2013 by Dr. John Moore III in Nutrition Dieting

In the 9/10/13 edition of the Dayton City Paper, Drs. Oz and Roinizen raise concern that milk is NOT as good for you as we've previously thought! Dr. Moore, however, doesn't seem to be sold. Read on about the new milk news that'll shake you up...

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It's OK Being Nutty

Posted on 9/16/2013 by Dr. John Moore III in Nutrition Weight Loss Dieting

Wow, it sounds like Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz heard about the “Nutty Diet” Dr. Moore and Synergistic Health Centers tout and recommend. Many of our patients have found significant benefit in overall health and in controlling their weight! Now, research is providing further support for this approach leading to significantly reduced cancer risks and decrease in risk of death from all causes! Dr. Moore’s “Nutty Diet” also assists you eat five to six small portion, low fat meals per day, which has been proven to lower insulin resistance and lead to fat burning and significant weight loss. A few years ago, a registry of 8,000 individuals who had lost 50 lbs and maintained the reduction for over one year came together. These 8,000 registry members found they had six things in common: B = They ate breakfast everyday. E = They exercise daily S = They had a support system L = They ate multiple(5 or 6) small portion, low fat meals per day(The “Nutty Diet” qualifies) I = They individualized their eating plan to match their lifestyle M = They monitored by weighing themselves every 3 days or so You can obtain advice on Dr. Moore’s “Nutty Diet” by setting up a no charge in person or phone consultation. You may also call or email to obtain a copy of The“Nutty Diet”. Let’s go for optimal health and obtain an ideal body weight while significantly reducing cancer risks by implementing the “Nutty Diet” or some close variation as described by Dr. Oz and Roizen. Dr. Moore has worked with thousands of patients to assist their obtaining optimal weight over the last 18 years. He will help you develop an individualized plan that will assure your highest likelihood of success, long-term, in achieving your weight goals and reaching optimal health and vitality. Call today at 937-310-1304, email through our website WWW.SynergisticHealthCenters.com , or email directly to DrMoore@synergistichealthcenters.com to set up your free consultation by phone or visit to our office at 1940 North Lakeman Drive in Bellbrook, Ohio 45305.

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The Mediterranean Diet

Posted on 6/19/2013 by Dr. John Moore III in Nutrition Dieting Dr. Oz Responses

"Sun-ripened strawberries on oatmeal; a handful of walnuts to get through that 4 o'clock slump; grilled salmon, roasted veggies and a salad drizzled with olive oil for dinner: At last, we've got solid proof that scrumptious foods like these can slash your risk for stroke and other cardiovascular disasters by a whopping 30 percent." Sound good? Read on about how the Mediterranean Diet is the IDEAL diet for weight loss and cardiovascular health...

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Timing Your Weight Loss

Posted on 3/13/2013 by Dr. John Moore III in Nutrition Weight Loss Dr. Oz Responses

According to a recent article by Dr. Oz, timing your eating habits can be just as important as what you eat. Specifically eating earlier helps with weight loss. Eating a healthy breakfast and having your biggest meal of the day before 3PM was shown to improve weight loss by 29%. The article also suggest that one shouldn't rush through meals, should consider taking diet breaks and as always try to stick to healthy indulgences.

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Inflammation and Aging

Posted on 11/5/2012 by Dr. John Moore III in Nutrition Anti-Aging Age Management

We all experience some level of inflammation issues. Reducing the causes of inflammation may be one of the keys to reverse aging. The science of reducing inflammation is certainly consistent with Synergistic Health Center’s recommended best practices.

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How Much Does It Cost To Lose Thirty Pounds?

Posted on 3/9/2011 by Dr. John Moore III in Nutrition Weight Loss Dieting

How much does it cost to loose 30 pounds? In this article the top weight loss programs prices and effectiveness are compared. Dr. Moore will help you seek out the lowest cost, but still effective options for you. See Dr. Moore's comments at the end of the article.

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