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Reversing Diabetes

Posted on 9/26/2013 by Dr. John Moore III in diabetes Age Management

My experience in providing comprehensive Age Management Assessments for many hundreds of patients in the Dayton region is that more than 50 % are in a pre-diabetic condition. I agree with Dr. Oz and Roizen’s practical recommendations; yet, I want to point out that so much more can be done and its critical enough to make sure you bring the proper number of preventive health steps to assure you reverse the momentum away from the development of diabetes and build momentum toward optimal health.

  • First of all, an Age Management physician will run more tests than sugar and hemoglobin A1C to determine how severe your pre-diabetes has become. 
  • He/she will test your serum insulin as it climbs high as one moves from early pre-diabetes to diabetes. 
  • He/she will test cardio specific C-reactive protein to measure the level of inflammation in your blood vessels which is often high with chronic sugar spiking in your blood as occurs in pre-diabetes.
  • He/she will look at a cholesterol panel that will tell him if your sugar metabolism imbalance has impacted or is associated with high triglycerides(short chain fats), low “good” cholesterol, and high “bad cholesterol” as these three lab findings go out of wack as pre-diabetes sets in.
  •  He/she will sometimes perform and advance cholesterol panel that will measure the proteins that carry cholesterol in your blood and reflect the health of your sugar and resultant insulin levels.

With all of this testing, a tiered program of intensity is put in place to assure reversing the momentum towards diabetes and all the medical complications that this too prevalent disease brings.

  •  An Age Management doctor is likely to place you on Metformin (brand name Glucophage), if you are discovered to be pre-diabetic. Metformin gets your cells to listen to insulin better and lower your circulating blood sugar levels.  Normally, an Age Management doctor doesn’t jump to put a patient on a prescription drug.  However, Glucophage is considered very safe and has been proven to be an anti-aging drug in that it acts as a calorie restriction mimetic.  In this way, it has been shown to lead your DNA to express your longevity genes and affect positively your long-term vitality and longevity.
  • Your Age Management Doctor will explain multiple natural ways to reduce your blood sugar levels.  When enough measures are taken, you will be successful and likely appreciate the weight loss and reduction in fat around your waste.

Synergistic Health Centers offer comprehensive Pre-Diabetes Reversal Programs.  These programs start with the proper comprehensive testing, physical, medical history, education, and long-term monitoring of your route out of Pre-Diabetes and toward Optimal Health.  There couldn’t be anything more important or valuable than assuring you return to path of health if you are Pre-diabetic.  If you are a women with a waist circumference greater than 35 inches or a male with a waste greater than 40 inches, if any labs you have had done placed your glucose level above 95, if you have been told your Hemoglobin A1C is greater than 5.7,or if you know you are significantly overweight; your chance of being Pre-diabetic is very high.

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Please note: Weight loss results vary individual to individual.