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Milk News That'll Shake You Up

Posted on 9/23/2013 by Dr. John Moore III in Nutrition Dieting

In the 9/10/13 edition of the Dayton City Paper, Drs. Oz and Roinizen raise concern that milk is NOT as good for you as we've previously thought! Dr. Moore, however, doesn't seem to be sold. Read on about the new milk news that'll shake you up...

This time, I think its Dr. Oz and Roizen that are shaking things up a bit too much.  The reason being is that the public can only get so confused and here so many scare stories about what’s not safe until they are frozen into not doing anything.  It starts to look like “who really knows”.  I suspect the milk lobby might have not coughed up enough advertising dollars for the show.  Certainly, they will be up in arms.

On the other hand, Dr. Oz and Roizen’s points are correct regards milk overconsumption possibly contributing to our obesity epidemic.  But, even there, it’s the overall excess in sugars that Americans consume that is the culprit. 

They are right about drinking fat-free milk because we are already getting too many saturated fats other places in the American diet.

They are right about recommending other calcium sources mostly from vegetable, nuts, and beans. 

They are right about making sure you get enough Vitamin D3; but, their estimate of the dosage you need is wrong.  It has been clearly demonstrated the average American needs 5,000 iu of Vitamin D3 supplementation per day to reach optimal levels and, in addition to protecting against Osteoporosis, reducing overall cancer and risk of dying from all causes dramatically.

I believe Dr. Oz and Roizen are wrong regards their recommendation on calcium supplementation.  New research has shown that excess calcium supplementation may lead to an increase risk of placque in our arteries.   The best approach is to actually be screened for osteoporosis in early middle age, prior to menopause, and after menopause to determine if you are experiencing difficulty maintaining healthy bone density.  Osteoporosis is indeed a disease dependent on many factors – other health conditions, lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking, the amount of exercise, genetics.  After screening tests, the right level of Calcium supplementation can be recommended.

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