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Dr. Oz and Roizen: we've got a message for you about testosterone replacement!

Posted on 12/10/2013 by Stevie Duncan in Testosterone Hormone Replacement Dr. Oz Responses Age Management

Dr. Moore doesn't seem to like how Drs. Oz and Roizen wrote their article "Testosterone replacement: The news you can use." Not that they didn't mention wonderful things, such as "...for men with truly low T levels, extra testosterone can be life-changing, boosting energy, firing up a flagging libido and slowing down muscle and bone loss" (found in the 11/26/13 Health, Wellness and Fitness section of the Dayton City Paper) but rather he seems to be fired up that they forgot to mention some KEY elements of truly treating low testosterone….read on. (View the online edition in the back pages at DaytonCityPaper.com)

I think Dr. Oz should stick to pitching supplements and making commercials, and Dr. Roizen should walk away from his ivory tower at the Cleveland Clinic and get out there involved in treating men presenting to testosterone clinics such as ours at Synergistic Health Centers.   The results of replacing their testosterone and balancing their entire hormone system is incredible!   Furthermore, approximately half of the patients I treat with testosterone are not at a level below 300 or even two hundred; but, instead, they are just above and in the range of 300 to 450 and suffering the effects of lagging testosterone levels.  We actually have patients walk in and tell us that their family doctor says they have normal testosterone levels at 301 when the well-accepted range is 300 to 1200. 

Truly, Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen are not representing the field of Age Management Medicine where thousands of doctors have gone through extensive training in the last 15 years in evaluating and balancing a patient’s entire hormone system.   An Age Management physician will look at your Growth Hormone levels, DHEA levels, Cortisol, Estrogen, Progesterone, Thyroid, and Insulin levels.  Any significant deficiency or inbalance in any one of these might contribute to a relatively low testosterone level in the 300 to 450 range to give symptoms of low testosterone such as flagging libido and energy, decreased exercise desire and response, decreased drive and memory, decreased muscle tone.  Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen are evidently buying in to the “rationing” of medicine in the United States where there is a view that we can’t spend the money on everyone to evaluate the whole hormone system to bring proper balance and restore health.  They exposed their sell-out to this kind of thinking in this article that only mentions testing your testosterone alone! 

Oh, I applaud their admonitions to the public that no one should treat with testosterone without testing- they just served us a miss-direction play for some reason (I wonder?) by not covering the fact that much more testing is involved to bring the benefits of testosterone and hormone replacement therapy while avoiding potential side effects.  So,  I also passionately fault Dr. Oz and Roizen here for mentioning many of the potential side effects of testosterone therapy, without mentioning that trained Age Management physicians know techniques in implementation of a hormone balancing programs to avoid acne, shrinking testicles or breast enlargement(God forbid!), and fluid retention, etc.. 

I further fault Dr. Oz and Roizen for carrying the old myth on that male hormones fuel prostate cancer.  This view has been held in medicine based on the first physician expert on prostate health 100 years ago and his description of one of his patients.  It has been shown that there are only enough receptors on a prostate for a level of 150 of testosterone to cover them all and that higher levels do not cause more stimulation of any prostate receptors.  And, it is now accepted that men who have had prostate cancer can be treated with testosterone without significantly increased risks.   Actually, evidence shows that there are higher rates of prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease in men with lower levels of testosterone.  One last fault, Dr. Oz and Roizen are using a scare tactic regards mentioning family members of patients taking testosterone can be affected.  This is easily avoided by administering your testosterone as a simple injection on a regular basis rather than using skin creams.  98% of my patients perform self-injections without difficulty.

Men (and ladies sending their men in for evaluations which often occurs) please, do seek out a physician trained by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine A4M (www.worldhealth.net) or the Age Management Group.   Seek out well-established networks of Age Management clinics such as Cenegenics , BodyLogic M.D., or Synergistic Health Centers to have your hormone and overall health evaluation done correctly.  Between, them they represent hundreds of doctors and you’ll find one near you.

You can receive a free consultation from a Synergistic Health Centers physician either over the phone or in person by calling 937-310-1304 or emailing DrMoore@SynergisticHealthCenters.com.  We will help guide you to the benefits of hormone replacement therapy while avoiding risks.  We will educate you of many other steps you can take to increase health and vitality and help you detect silent diseases before they strike you.  Let’s go for optimal health!


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