Dr. Moore has delivered comprehensive Preventive Medicine Services to many in the Miami Valley since entering medical practice in 1996. He has completed Advanced Preventive Medicine training and certification through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and through extensive study with the Cenegenics Age Management Institute over the last ten years. 


Dr. Moore’s passion is to spread the word that a wellness and age management plan can bring the highest in returns by increasing the quality and length of your productive earning years through assurance of Optimal Health and Vitality as you age! His Synergistic Health Approach represents the next generation in medical science to prevent disease, disability, and what has been previously accepted as multiple inevitable symptoms of aging until your latest years. This is known in Advanced Preventive Medicine as “squaring off the curve”. 


Dr. Moore’s Synergistic Health Approach is based on the belief that implementing a critical number of proven health steps will provide optimal protection against the major disease processes that cause death and disability for the majority of Americans. As well, the approach is based on the view that implementing a similar critical number of proven health steps will be able to provide a strong defense against many well recognized symptoms of aging. Dr. Moore’s Synergistic Health approach assures that you can reduce the risk while providing the rewards of supporting hormone and nutrient delivery systems that break down as we age leading to premature disease and disability.

Our Medical Doctors and Staff hold special credentials and long years of experience in providing advanced Preventive Medicine and the Synergistic Health Approach.

Our Founder and Medical Director, John Moore III, M.D. has developed the concept of Synergistic Health and will share this concept with you more completely with inquiry.  The Synergistic Health approach provides implementation of proven health steps that will provide optimal protection against major disease, while assuring similar success at obtaining Optimal Health goals such as weight loss and management, reaching optimal hormone balance, and achieving maximum energy, strength and stamina.

Going For Optimal Health

Your health is your most important asset. Synergistic Health is unique among clinics. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal health. You do not have to accept age as a reason for your deteriorating health. You can reverse the effects of aging, reduce your weight gain, regain your vitality. We'll even help you stop smoking!

So much has been learned about how to prevent the major diseases that kill, disable, and prematurely cripple Americans. In fact, Medical knowledge is doubling every two to three years. Yet common medical practice is to wait until you are disabled by these debilitating illness before they do anything.

We're different! The Synergistic Health Approach assists you to implement, by the most cost-effective means, adequate multiple Preventative Health Steps to avoid the major killers and allowing you to achieve Optimal Health and Vitality.

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Please note: Weight loss results vary individual to individual.