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Optimal Hormone Balance for Living Younger

When hormone levels are balanced and at optimal levels in our bodies, we are more likely to enjoy good health provided our lifestyle choices are also healthful.

Hormone Therapy and Anti-Aging Medicine

Optimal hormonal levels occur for most people during their twenties and thirties, and may continue for another 15-20 years with a subtle decline. During this same span of time, fewer diseases arise than during almost any other time of life. Cancers are less likely, occurring more frequently in younger and older ages, as a rule. Diabetes is more likely to show up in younger and older individuals. Heart disease, bone fractures, infections, and so on, seems to predominate before and after these years. As the hormonal communication system declines, you begin to age more rapidly. Your biological age is intimately tied to the health of your endocrine systems. Any decline in your hormone system has a negative consequences on your longevity.

Hormone declines determine the biological markers that change as you age. Hormone changes, then, may be thought of as secondary markers of aging. Therefore, a significant step toward controlling aging lies in the ability to replenish and adjust hormones.The right balance of hormones helps manage and maybe even slow the aging proces; the wrong balance will certainly accelerate it. The goal is to replenish hormone levels equivalent to those found in a healthy 25-30 year old individual.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Biologically identical hormones are identical in molecular structure to the hormones the body makes. Are practice is based on these natural hormone replacements. Synthetic hormones may be foreign to the body and are often treated by the body as toxins. Bioidentical hormones generally provide advantages over synthetic hormones when metabolized. Your body won't metabolize hormones it doesn't recognize which can lead to unnecessary complications. 

An important part of our hormone replacement therapy is testing and monitoring. We avoid use of unnecessary hormones and unnecessarily high doses of hormones. Optimal results depend on implementing hormone therapy according the the following priorities:

  1. Balance hormones that contribute to inflammation, pain, excessive blood clotting, cancer and so on. Often, this can be managed with proper nutrition, exercise, stress management and maintaining a healthy body composition. Hormone replacement by itself is not the fountain of youth! You have to take personal responsibility and we help you understand and correct physical and nutritional behaviors that could be affecting your optimal wellness.
  2. Enhance your own natural production and secretion of hormones, and improve the sensitivity of their cellular hormone receptors. It is possible to significantly boost declining levels of critical hormones, such as testosterone and growth hormone, while reducing harmful increases in hormones like cortisol and insulin.
  3. When intervention at the first two levels fails to optimize hormones fully, the final order of priority calls for prescribing hormone replacement. The goal of prescription hormone replacement therapy is to achieve hormone balance at youthful but safe levels for as long as possible. Bioidentical hormone replenishment therapy is indicated only when the first two priorities don't achieve the optimal level of hormone balance.

Hormone replacement therapy requires careful monitoring with periodic blood tests to assure you are achieving safe and effective levels. Generally, a few months after therapy has been initiated, your doctor will measure the levels again. Everyone responds differently to hormone replacement therapy so, be patient; it may take several dosage modifications to reach optimum response.

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