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Why is John Boehner Crying

Posted on 1/25/2011 by Dr. John Moore III in Bioidentical Hormones Low T Testosterone Hormone Replacement

It may be “Low T”, “High E”, or both. Hormones in men and women drop as we age. We work with patients to evaluate and keep hormone systems tuned to the levels maintained by the average person at age 35 or 40. Hormones are keys that switch body repair mechanisms on. With evaluations and regular monitoring, Age Management doctors bring the promise of hormone replacement while avoiding risks and in this case, might stem the tears of Mr. Boehner.

In the case of John Boehner, a Favorite Son of Ohio, who I believe has done Ohio proud by becoming the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, I suspect we have the potential solution to Speaker Boehner’s possibly excessive crying in public.

In fact, even though I've been a lifelong Democrat and sometimes want to say to Speaker Boehner, “You Jackwagon, why don’t you go back to Mamby-Pamby land?!” I would rather try to help my fellow Ohioan. In this regard, we are offering a free hormone lab testing and consultation to Speaker Boehner. There are not political sides in BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy).

I suspect that Speaker Boehner is suffering the medical condition of too high a level of estrogen in proportion to testosterone. This occurs for a number of reasons,.Testosterone and estrogen are produced in males and females. Testosterone is the dominant male hormone and estrogen is the dominant female hormone. However, the normally non-dominant hormone can elevate in either men or women and cause significant physical and emotional changes. In men, when the estrogen proportion increases significantly they can become surprisingly emotional; in other words, they can cry about almost anything!

The estrogen level can be high for several reasons including exposure to environmental toxins, or from a higher level than normal of an enzyme in fat tissues that converts testosterone to estrogen. We'd caution Speaker Boehner not to let his personal physician give him an antidepressant, because that is a common cause of increased estrogen production in men. Other speculation one the net is that Boehner’s crying is related to consumption of red wine. There is validity that excess alcohol consumption leads to increased estrogen levels which suggests easy crying in a male, however, speculation doesn't replace actual testing.

I think many have heard about ‘Low T’ through a popular TV commercial. Age Management doctors have had many cases of middle-aged men with the complaint of easy tearfulness that we identify as out-of- balance estrogen. Speaker Boehner would be wise to get this checked out, because if his estrogen is high as I suspect, it could be indication of significant predisposition to several disease processes. We can quickly correct the problem.


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