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The New Science of Staying Sharp

Posted on 9/17/2013 by Dr. John Moore III in Hormone Replacement Dr. Oz Responses Mental Health

In the 9/17/13 Health, Wellness and Fitness section of the Dayton City Paper, Drs. Oz and Roinzen focus on the new science of staying sharp. Alzheimer's disease is North American's most feared disease. Dr. Oz points out that keeping the blood vessels in your brain healthy may cut your risk of brain dysfunction by a lot. There's more and more evidence from academic and scientific brain centers around the world that say a few simple steps can protect your cognitive powers and slash your risk for Alzheimers. Read on about it at DaytonCityPaper.com and check out what Dr. Moore has to say about reducing your risk for Alzheimers...

Alzheimer’s.  Wow!  I have a picture of my Mom, my grandmom Nana- who lived with my family until age 90, when her dementia became so severe she was placed in a nursing home as she couldn’t get out of bed.  The picture, hanging in my medical office, includes my uncles and aunts – my mom’s siblings, as well.

My uncle Lawrence as he appears in this picture is my twin at my age of 58.  Unfortunately, he went on to suffer a slow and difficult death with Alzheimer’s disease from the age 70 to 77.  Now, I haven’t had the stresses my Uncle Lawrence suffered.  He came back from WWII as a Purple Heart Recipient.  He was shot several times about his liver while crossing a river as a forward communication’s engineer.  Then, the plane he was being transported in as an injured soldier crashed and burned; he was taken out at the last minute with multiple burns.  He came home a smoker and he tended to like his beer.  He had many surgeries to remove lead from his liver and I witnessed as a child him sweating yellow into his tea-shirt from the lead entrapped in his liver.  Needless to say, though, I worry about developing Alzheimer’s with a strong family history.

Since we have no proven method of surely protecting against the development of Alzheimer’s, I believe that the Synergistic Health Approach I promote is your’s and my best hope.  Dr. Oz and Roizen are promoting a Synergistic Health approach as well.   Remember, my Synergistic Approach’s primary tenant is that if one implements some critical number of well-established, well proven preventive health steps, one moves into a sure curve of attainment of a health goal or prevention of a disease process.  That critical number is different for everyone.  Maybe my uncle Lawrence might have made it without smoking, binge drinking, and a better overall preventive health program. His siblings did avoid the disease for the most part. As per Dr. Roinzen and Oz’s recommendation, focusing on vascular health by controlling cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes is one highly likely preventive measure.  Managing Stress, actively exercising, eating a healthy diet along the lines of the Mediterranean diet,  stopping excessive alcohol, and stopping smoking are all fairly strongly research supported steps to take as well.  Keeping your brain active is well-supported as a means to optimize brain health to combat Alzheimer’s disability.

But, there is more to consider.
- Hormone Replacement holds great promise in preventing Alzheimer’s development and cognitive decline.  Multiple studies have found much lower rates of Alzheimer’s when hormone levels are at more optimal levels.  This includes optimal levels of pregnenolone, DHEA, testosterone, melatonin, estrogen, Vitamin D-3, and progesterone.  Hormones keep your body’s repair mechanisms turned on and in this way can prevent cognitive decline.

-Working to combat the five main mechanisms of aging holds great promise in reducing your risk.
a) Reducing chronic inflammation- done with baby aspirin, omega 3 oil supplementation, healthy sugar levels
b) Preventing oxidative stress – with anti-oxidant supplementation (especially those that cross the blood brain barrier such as phenolic compounds in coffee and dark chocholate), Vitamin D3
c) Preventing insulin resistance – by avoiding free sugars and high fructose corn syrup which leads to a downward cascade into insulin and leptin resistance
d) Enhancing neuronal cell membrane integrity by eating the right oils in our diet, supplementing with Lecithin
e) Preventing premature mitochondrial decline by supplementing with COQ10, Acetyl- L Carnitine, and Alpha-Lipoic Acid.
-Pay attention and act as new approaches to combatting Alzheimer’s becomes available.  One intriguing possibility is that Alzheimer’s development is related to bacteria not unlike Syphilis or Lyme disease and that treatment with a combination of two low cost antibiotics for three months will greatly lower your progression of this disastrous disease.

Call or email today to meet with a Synergistic Health physician to build your Synergistic Health program that will give you maximal prevention of Alzheimer’s development while at the same time preventing other major diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancers, and diabetes- all while bringing you maximum vitality to increase your enjoyment of life.    Phone us at 937-310-1304 or email to DrMoore@SynergisticHealthCenters.com.


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