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Save Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Posted on 6/17/2013 by Dr. John Moore III in Bioidentical Hormones Low T Testosterone Hormone Replacement Anti-Aging BHRT HRT Age Management

Your access to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is in serious jeopardy—again. Legislation is making its way through Congress that would give the Food and Drug Administration unprecedented control over compounding pharmacies that make BHRT.

Five years ago, the FDA tried to ban the most commonly compounded BHRT treatments. The agency failed because it did not have the authority to do so. This bill gives the FDA authority to do that and much more. It’s that simple. Physicians and patients alike must tell Congress that you do not want the federal government involved in the prescriber/patient relationship and telling doctors how to run their practices.

I URGE YOU TO VISIT WWW.MYMEDSMATTER.COM and send an automated message to our Senators and Representatives! There is a pre-drafted message, and you may add your personal message to it or write a new one.


Here is my personal letter:

Dear Representative,

As a physician, I am writing you to petition you to not limit the compounding pharmacies in the US regarding compounding bio identical hormones.

            I had a unique entrance into medicine that has led me to expertise in the area of hormone replacements for men and women. After suffering unexplained illness and overwhelming fatigue in my 20s,  I was a stubborn enough Irishman to enter medical school and work my way through in my previous career in engineering sales. Many others and myself were caught up in in an epidemic of chronic fatigue syndrome. Thus, I went through school and residency with my eyes open and ears pricked for solutions for people suffering vague symptom complexes of such conditions as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and premature aging syndromes.

            The one thing I’ve found that is the most powerful in assisting so many patients out of these common debilitating syndromes is hormone system evaluation and balancing. The hormone system is like a symphony- any one or 2 hormones, like instruments in a symphony out of tune, can greatly affect the functioning of the body.

            Now, several big catastrophes have occurred related to hormone treatment for men and women. Mostly, that has surrounded the pushing of “one size fits all” strategy of hormone replacement with patented and highly marketed pharmaceutical hormone replacement compounds. It happened ten years ago with  Premarin and Prempro and is happening again now with Androgel and Axiron for men. There needs to be individualized assessments and balancing of a variety of hormones to bring great benefits to Americans. The hormones utilized must be identical to the molecules already present in the human body (“bio-identical”), or we have seen untoward side effectsThe compounding pharmacists in our country have teamed with physicians passionate about helping unfortunate citizens suffering serious, deleterious effects of hormone imbalances, by providing a source of individualized dosing of bio-identical compounds. We find dramatic components for patients across the board with very much reduced side effects versus the strategies pushed by major pharmaceutical hormone compound suppliers.

I attest this with the highest degree of medical certainty and based on treatment of nearly 1,000 patients with hormone replacement and yearly studies on the topic since 1999. -JPM


950 E. Alex Bell Rd., OH, 45459


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