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Keep Taking those Meds (You Know You Need 'Em!)

Posted on 9/17/2013 by Dr. John Moore III in Supplements Medication

In the 9/3/13 edition of the The Dayton City Paper, check out the Health, Wellness and Fitness section to read up on Drs. Oz and Roinzen's medication management tips- did you know that 75% of North Americans don't take their much needed meds as directed or skip them entirely? A study shows if you've had a heart attack or other cardio event and you have recently stop taking clot-blocking, low dose aspirin, you raise your odds for a nonfatal heart attack by 60%. Crazy, huh? Read on for Dr. Moore's response to faithfully taking your medication as directed...

No wonder doctors are frustrated!  Nobody follows through on being consistent taking their meds.  Ah, I’d like to see the study where they tracked how well patients take their meds when they are actually having symptoms.  I bet it would be a lot higher.

I run into this challenge as I explain to my Age Management patients the importance of taking their multivitamin, their antioxidant blend, their omega- 3 essential fatty acid supplement, and their probiotics.  These four are the core nutritional regimen that every adult is sure to benefit from in many ways in the way of disease prevention and increased vitality.  I guess it’s just human nature when we feel good to avoid any extras or “why rock the boat?”.

I suggest you give yourself a teachable moment.  Get a comprehensive Age Management/Wellness evaluation and find out where you are weak and get educated on what you can do to prevent illness and premature disability.  Then, you will be more motivated to invest your time and dollars in prevention.

I suggest you look at your family that’s gone before you and consider their illnesses your illnesses for a moment and take it to heart (very literally the heart in many family’s cases).  Let’s get you on a program that’s going to prevent you from dying from congestive heart failure prematurely.  That’s how my wonderful Mom and Dad died at 86 and 80 respectively- both with sharp as tact minds and extremely active until their congestive heart bouts that killed them.

The good news is that while you are implementing a program to correct your weaknesses and vulnerabilities and preventing the same premature disease your elders did, you will achieve improved vitality, energy, and functionality by these same health steps we recommend you take.   This is what patients on Age Management and Synergistic Health regimens find out and the increased vitality then becomes further motivation to keep at taking those supplements, meds, hormones daily.
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