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Breaking Out of a Bad Mood Quickly

Posted on 4/10/2013 by Dr. John Moore III in Mental Health Exercise Depression Anxiety

In a recent article, Dr. Oz discusses six ways to beat a bad mood FAST! Here they are: music, write down your negative thoughts and then throw them in the trash, pet a pet, gaze at your favorite painting or picture (put it on your PC wallpaper), yoga, humor.

Can’t beat this advice! I’m a big fan of regular exercising for mood enhancement. All of these suggestions by Dr. Oz and Dr. Roinzen make sense.

I deal with many patients who state they are suffering varying degrees of depression and anxiety. In addition to suggesting various coping techniques as laid out by Drs. Roinzen and Oz, I offer a synergistic approach toward balancing brain chemistry and providing mood enhancement and stabilization. The Synergistic Approach’s first principle is that for any particular health goal-such as mood enhancement, there is some critical number of well-researched, proven health steps that can be implemented to assure the highest likelihood one will attain their goal of long term mood enhancement and ridding themselves of depression bouts.

The combination of health steps commonly used to heal mood troubles may include hormone system balancing, supplementation with the precursor molecules of our major neuro-hormones, identifying and treating food intolerances, dietary changes and exercise regimes.

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