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Brain Fog, Memory Loss, Fuzzy Thinking

Posted on 3/13/2013 by Dr. John Moore III in Dr. Oz Responses Mental Health Menopause

Women going through the early stages of menopause often can feel a little confused. Dr. Oz described it as "brain fog" and the symptoms can include memory loss, fuzzy thinking. Causes: Hormonal shifts. Estrogen receptors in the brain are not activated when estrogen levels decline. As a result, you tend to forget more and experience other lapses in brain function. How to fix the problem: Reduce hormonal swings - Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (that's where we come in!) Get good sleep (Hormone therapy can help stabilize your sleep patterns) Maintain a good diet - Include Omega-3s (Discuss your supplement program with Dr. Moore) Exercise (including cardio and strength training).


I totally agree with Dr. Roinzen and Dr. Oz on the need for bio identical hormone replacements- including the estrogen estradiol.

However, there are risks of increasing relative occurrences of breast cancer with overtreatment with estrogen. Many bio identical hormone replacement specialists will work to optimize progesterone, DHEA, and testosterone (the last two of which convert to some estrogen) before utilizing estradiol.

The Synergistic Health Approach would also include recommendations of nutraceutical agents that cross the blood-brain barrier to bathe the brain and prevent premature neuronal cell damage and decline.
Big news came out this year related to brain health:
  • By age 40, the average person shows significant age-related brain damage on PET Scans (a newer imaging tool that can track activity to the brain). Ahh! Over the hill at 40!
  • ABritish study shows that at 45 the average person has significant decline in test-taking activities.
  • The phenol compounds in coffee cross the blood-brain barrier and prevent mental decline (i.e. coffee and dark chocolate ARE good for you!)
So, estrogen is just part of the story and should be part of a comprehensive, well-designed and monitored Age Management program, like that provided at Synergistic Health Centers.
*Another reason for estrogen therapy is to provide protection against congestive heart failure.
My Alma Mater, The University of South Carolina, featured research on their campus that demonstrated an enzyme being released in the heart muscle of lab animals when they had their ovaries removed, which induced menopause and a major decline in estrogen production (as occurring in women at menopause). The enzyme that is released leads to the breakdown of connective tissues in the heart, setting the animals up for congestive heart failure. The implications for women are enormous and congestive heart failure is a major killer of women in the U.S. and around the world that IS preventable.

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