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Arthritis and Arthritic Relief

Posted on 4/24/2013 by Dr. John Moore III in Arthritis Inflammation Joint Pain

In his recent article, Dr. Oz discusses some of the more effective over-the-counter treatments for arthritis relief. Noted popular treatments like Diclofenac and even ibuprofen and acetaminophen are reported to increase the risk of heart and liver problems (especially if taken on a regular basis). Viscosupplementation is not always effective with obesity cited as one of the reasons. Recommendation for handling the pain? Pain-relieving gels and creams. These include ointments containing capsaicin or prescribed NSAID gels or creams. In addition, and not surprisingly, stretching, exercise and weight loss. Eating a colorful diet rich fruits, vegetables and omega-3 sources like fatty fish (like salmon and trout) and olive oil can reduce inflamation. Stay away from refined grains, sunflower and soybean oils that may also increase inflammation.


Relative to Diclofenac and ibuprofen; we all became aware that the non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory class of medicines that include ibuprophen and diclofenac will increase the risk of heart attack significantly, after the introduction and then the ban of Vioxx. Vioxx was in the same NSAID class but designed to prevent irritation of the stomach that could lead to dangerous bleeds. However, NSAID’s like Vioxx, ibuprophen, and diflocenac do their magic in an elaborate balancing system that either limits or increases inflammation, limits or increases clotting, increases or limits pain, etc… We find that the NSAIDs shift the balance too much towards inflammation and clotting. We believe we can counter this increased risk of clotting and inflammation by having patients take a baby aspirin a day.

It’s important to know the whole story- since the NSAIDs can provide so much pain relief with chronic arthritis pain sufferers. There is increased risk of ulcers and GI bleeds for patients on NSAID’s and close monitoring for symptoms of GI distress. This is particularly important for patients over 60 years of age.

Tylenol has also been a mainstay for folks with chronic arthritic joints and has proven safe with limiting dosages to below 3,000 mg/day. Patients with pre-existing liver problems or use of other liver toxic agents (ie excess alcohol, liver-toxic drugs) should try to avoid Tylenol.
Pain-relieving gels can be very helpful and lower risks since it’s not taken internally. I want to point out there are multiple injection therapies beyond injection of hyaluronic acid. Rejuvenative injection therapy is provided at Synergistic Health Centers to stimulate healing of ligaments, tendons, and joints. The latest approach uses Platelet Rich Plasma injections where we isolate your growth factors out of your blood and inject at injury site to stimulate the body to heal and repair damaged tissue.  This approach holds tremendous promise to assist patients hold off knee replacement or other surgeries. At Synergistic Health we combine the benefit of rejuvenative injection therapy with the correct exercise rehab, advanced electric stimulation protocols, nutritional supplementation, and hormone balancing to bring excellent outcomes in restoration of function and reduction in chronic pain.
Recommending stretching, exercise, weight loss, a colorful diet and Omega-3 oil supplementations is always a good idea for so many conditions. Dr. Oz and Roizen’s articles had a few notable mis-mentions in regard to assisting patients with arthritic pain. Vitamin C at 1,000mg 3 times per day is an excellent help to many patients with joint aches. As well, magnesium at 400mg up to twice daily is helpful in muscle pain associated with joint ache.
At Synergistic Health Centers, we offer a comprehensive approach to assist our patients get chronic, debilitating arthritic pain behind them and remove their obstacles to leading an active, healthy lifestyle.

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Please note: Weight loss results vary individual to individual.