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Avoid the Snake Oil Salesman and That Includes Some Doctors!

Posted on 3/11/2011 by Dr. John Moore III in Supplements Medication

"The snake oil salesman" is an alive and well view amongst this author’s patient population. The chief reason is the patients have good reason to be wary of pharmaceutical company research on potential side effects of drugs before they are introduced to the market and the subsequent recommendation of drugs by their doctors. We have had some widely publicized snafus such as phen-fen the diet drug combination that damaged patient heart valves, Vioxx for arthritis that increased heart attack risk dramatically, and multiple other drug introductions that had to be recalled just months later due to serious adverse affects.

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Beware the Medical Magic Bullet

Posted on 3/10/2011 by Dr. John Moore III in Weight Loss Supplements Medication

The Synergistic Health Approach works by implementing multiple proven beneficial preventive actions toward attaining synergy in prevention of the major disease processes that rob us of vitality and cause premature death. Avoid The Magic Bullet: In America it is our mindset to look for one “magic bullet”- being one pill, one nutritional agent, or one step or another to stop a disease process. This is understandable when we consider we have seen some true medical wonders for common medical conditions such as aspirin for fever and pain, the “purple pill” limiting irritating stomach acid, the statin drugs such as Lipitor and Zocor for dramatically improving cholesterol and reducing heart attack risk. Further reinforcing our confidence that one step will do it is that in the last century we witnessed such wonders as vaccination elimination of major epidemic infectious diseases such as Polio and Small Pox, the introduction of penicillin, and other medical breakthroughs.

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How Much Does It Cost To Lose Thirty Pounds?

Posted on 3/9/2011 by Dr. John Moore III in Nutrition Weight Loss Dieting

How much does it cost to loose 30 pounds? In this article the top weight loss programs prices and effectiveness are compared. Dr. Moore will help you seek out the lowest cost, but still effective options for you. See Dr. Moore's comments at the end of the article.

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