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Dr. Oz and Roizen: we've got a message for you about testosterone replacement!

Posted on 12/10/2013 by Stevie Duncan in Testosterone Hormone Replacement Dr. Oz Responses Age Management

Dr. Moore doesn't seem to like how Drs. Oz and Roizen wrote their article "Testosterone replacement: The news you can use." Not that they didn't mention wonderful things, such as "...for men with truly low T levels, extra testosterone can be life-changing, boosting energy, firing up a flagging libido and slowing down muscle and bone loss" (found in the 11/26/13 Health, Wellness and Fitness section of the Dayton City Paper) but rather he seems to be fired up that they forgot to mention some KEY elements of truly treating low testosterone….read on. (View the online edition in the back pages at DaytonCityPaper.com)

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RESPONSE: Testosterone Medication May Boost Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke, Death? NO!

Posted on 12/4/2013 by Stevie Duncan in Low T Testosterone Anti-Aging

In a recent Los Angeles Times article, one writer opened up with "..treating low testosterone may be all the rage these days among men of a certain age. But men bothered by a midlife dip in energy and sex drive may want to think twice about bumping up their "low T" with a testosterone supplement, a new study says." Within days, we had numerous concerned patients, calling, demanding immediate answers and explanations to these suggestions…. Please, if you wish, check out this story (yes, story) and see also how Dr. Moore feels and views this complete nonsense.

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